Friday, 31 August 2012

We were searching for dinner. Darwin being a small place didn't really have a variety of  cuisines but our stomachs were growling and we needed food to please our mood. We pushed our heavy bodies and walked whining. It was around 6pm and the sun was slowly setting. While watching my family whine and forcefully drag their bodies. my eyes caught on to the beautiful sight of a sunset. My hunger vanished. all i could think about at that moment was the beautiful sight in front of my eyes.I slowly started walking closer to the beach where many people around were sitting and admiring the beauty of the sun. It was a romantic sight and i was overwhelmed by its beauty. It was a beautiful act of nature which occurred when the day turned into night. Sunsets have always been a wonderful and fascinating sight for me to view but this sunset was more than just usual.It was just.....different...the sky started filling with vibrant and rich colours. My entire family was surprised and astonished to see such a lovely sunset and we all sat there admiring it. Hunger wasnt even i thought that occured to my mind.
the sunset had a feeling.....It had a mystical feeling which made your heart dwell with its divine beauty. It was like when the sun, like a large, orange fireball in the distance is cloaked by hanging clouds which are splashed with random colours of hot pinks, and even hints of purple and blues. The cool breeze gushed through my long hair and was almost like the touch of a human hand. The purple sky with the orange fireball circling in the middle created an admirable sight which can never be forgotten by me.
The still, cool ocean created a relaxing feeling and is just the right thing for a person who came back from his/her tiring day at work....
Sunsets have always been an amazing sight for me and are one of my favourite sceneries to admire and watch. The best part of the sunset is when the sun is right on the horizon almost about to disappear. In this part, the light from the sun spreads across a large area and shines its brightest before the returning the next morning.
Sunsets are truly very memorable sights and always remember that every time you wake up and ask yourself, what good things am i going to do today?, remember that when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it....That was the most remarkable sight of a sunset i had ever seen! The sight cannot be explained in words....

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