Thursday, 27 September 2012

Michael Phelps- A tribute!

Michael Phelps. Of course you know him!  The champion is an American swimmer who has won 22 Olympic medals—six gold and two bronze at Athens in 2004, eight gold at Beijing in 2008, and four gold and two silver at London in 2012. Phelps holds the record for most gold medals won in a single Olympics (Beijing, 2008), and set a new record for most Olympic medals in 2012, beating gymnast Larisa Latynina's prior record of 18. He is truly an inspiration for me because of his attitude towards a sport. I have gained a lot of motivation from him to play my sport. He is indeed a great swimmer with a great style. He was named as the most decorated olympian in history. Young athletes like me have been talking about this great man as an inspiration and how he has made a completely new way of learning a sport with his attitude. He is indeed one of my favorite athletes and i hope you too find him the same. ‘You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get’ Do it the way he says.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Possession

Before I start, I would like all of you to fist see the video.

Did you get scared? Really? Wow...It wasn't all that scary, in fact I'm dying to see this movie. It is in theaters now and is a must watch movie. Don't you have that tiny,little feeling deep under your heart of curiosity and eager to watch this movie? Don't you want to watch this movie? The Possession is a 2012 supernatural horror movie, In this movie, A recently divorced father's youngest daughter becomes mysteriously connected to an antique wooden box she purchased at a yard sale. As his daughter's behavior becomes more and more erratic, 
Clyde feels a dark presence beginning to build and knows it's associated with the arrival of the box.
Unexplained and unfortunate episodes begin to mount as Clyde finally deciphers the strange carvings on the antique to discover that the box was built to contain a dibbuk; a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host. Now, as the dibbuk takes a stronger and more frightening hold on his young daughter, Clyde races against the clock to find an expert who can remove the dibbuk and save her before it devours her forever. This story then goes deep down and will make your deadliest shrieks come out. That night you see this movie, will never awake. This movie is a must watch movie. Whose in to take the challenge?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

F1 Fever

F1 fever 
F1!!! yes! it’s coming. It’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait for it to start so that I can support my favorite F1 racer, Fernando Alonso. F1 fever is gripping racing fans, as Singapore is getting set to host F1 with the drivers and their fast cars. It is the fourth edition of the Singapore night race at the Marina Bay street circuit, complete with crowd favorites like simulators and models of the speed machines. F1 is going to be a huge thing coming this weekend. Aren’t you excited?! Im sure I am!  We all can experience a myriad of unique entertainment opportunities, from headline artistes like Katy Perry to roving street performers. Great drivers like Fernando Alonso are going to drive around in their fast cars. There will be thrill, excitement and fun this weekend. Many drivers are fighting against each other to get the F1 title. Singapore this year is also getting many tourists from all around the world who have come by the attraction of F1. Many hotels and businesses are benefiting from this. F1 is going to be a blast and This weekend is not to miss. Watch F1. Sitting at home watching F1 while drinking hot chocolate is my idea but for others who want to grab the tickets and watch it live, Hurry up! The tickets don’t last that long. F1! 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The London Olympics


For me, there are a number of reasons why the London Games have been so successful this year. London has been hosting the Olympics for the past few years and has always had good views. This year’s Olympic’s were very famous and the word was spread out mainly because of the sporting events lining up. There were various sports and many religions had shared participation. There was unity and there there were no fights or quarrels between any countries. I still remember the time during the summer holidays when I was sitting at home, bored and had nothing to do. olympics was an event which kept me busy. I enjoyed going through the different channels and watching the various sports. Supporting my favorite athletes and countries made me feel so proud and happy. The participation events had been a big hit with the crowds, and they were great because they got many people interested in the new sports and activities. Come on! sometimes you have got to admit it, Sitting at home all alone in summer with nothing interesting coming on TV, what did you do? I’m pretty sure you switched on the TV to watch the olympics. 

The London Olympics were a great thing to come and people were dying to see their countries play this time. Although the athletes might not be professional ,There was a lot of improvement from all the athletes. There was more competition and many people liked watching them. Entertainment was what they needed and entertainment was what the olympics provided them. My reason for watching the Olympics was mainly because I wanted to see how India was doing in the olympics, diving, weight lifting, volleyball and athletics. Usain Bolt was the man i wanted to see run. A few people this year came to see the olympics mainly to watch Usain run. The people wanted to see and know whether Usain kept his title of the fastest man alive or someone else beat him. There were many viewers because this event only occurs once in 4 years and many people are hardcore fans. Another reason for watching the Olympics was to watch my one and only favorite swimmer Michael Phelps. Although he didn't do well this time. His effort and commitment cannot be argued on.

Most of you might not agree with me saying that it will come again and there is nothing so special about it. But, i advise you to think again and admit that you yourself see it every 4 years. You might say it is only there for people to make money and raise prices but is that actually true? The people responsible for this might be doing this for many people to be aware of what sports there are. I think it is important to know facts before making conclusions. It caused a big impact and that’s mainly the point.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 

Kate Middleton? The name sounds familiar doesn't  it? Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is the beloved wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and a member of the british royal family. Unlike Prince Harry, Kate grew up in a middle class family. She grew up in Chapel Row, a village near Berkshire, England. She studied at Scotland where she met Prince William of Wales in the University Of St Andrews. They were both married very recently in 2010 and Kate created a major impact on the way people viewed fashion in Britain. It was called as the ‘Kate Middleton effect’. Kate is a name heard by many of us and we think that the reason is because she is part of the royal family. Well, I think of Kate just like one of us because she led her life just like us. I know her for her personality and originality. Kate is truly an inspiration for many. She is prominent for her fashion sense and style and has been placed on numerous ‘best dressed’ lists. Her dress on her wedding was truly an amazing dress. She didn’t use some famous designer but one of her close friends to make such a lovely dress for her. Kate is a beautiful and loving life, she is at the same time fashionable and known. She has all the qualities and deserves to be a famous person. She truly is one of the most influential people of all times.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

One Direction

One Direction
Liam Payne, Harry styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan are the ingredients to make the british boy-band ‘One Direction’. They created history with their great looks, charm, talent, human kindness and their dazzling voices. These 5 boys changed the way music was viewed and created a completely new era. They are known all over the world as cute, sensational and phenomenal. I’ll be surprised to hear someone not knowing ‘One Direction’. Their journey started in a famous show viewed by millions of people worldwide called as the ‘X factor’. This wonderful platform made all of them meet and form a boy band called ‘One Direction’. Unfortunately, they did not win but their talent made them go ahead in life. Their international chat-topping song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ created a huge impact and their fame started from there. I love this band not only because of their singing but how they all work together as a team. Their personalities and charm makes them shine and unique from everyone else.  They are adored by many people worldwide including me and I will never give up on them! 'words will be just words, until you bring them to life'- One Direction

Friday, 14 September 2012

Lady Gaga's dress sense- Wacky or creative?

Lady Gaga's dress sense- Wacky or creative?

Dress sense. This is a very important word in our daily life. Your dress sense is what you need in order to move ahead in life. The people around us judge us by our dress code and appearance. My family and me often have arguments on lady gaga’s dress sense. They make fun of her dress sense and call it silly. Whereas, I always completely disagree with them. I have always found her dress sense to be innovative and creative. It might be wacky and weird at times, but thats what makes her different and unique. 

She has changed the way we view fashion. When Lady Gaga hits the red carpet, watchers just aren’t asking whether she looks good or bad, they’re more likely to ask,” wow, is that a live bird on her head?” Each Lady Gaga costume is a true work of art and the proof is always in her photos. Many people might have different opinions about her style. but I have to say, she definitely likes to go over the top with her fashion clothes. Being a pop star with a phenomenal voice, people usually view the way a celebrity dresses. Specially magazines and paparazzi. Lady gaga always astonishes them b her new and creative dress every time she is seen in public. She guarantees to get noticed. Whatever she wears, is truly remarkable.

Success changes people- What do you think?

Success changes people - what do you think?
Success is accomplishment of a job and achievement of an honor. The reward brings positive ways to encourage the successful man. Success changes the people around. Sometimes, egotism and selfish admiration and allied attitude of that man may spoil the growth process. A few people around us were once the only ones always left out but now because of their success,they are never left out and are always included. Their behavior slowly starts to change and they think of themselves at a very high standard. You may be successful and profitable but that shouldn’t change your attitude towards everything. It shouldn’t be the reason for your change. One example of a man who was very successful but one of his mistakes changed his life completely. His attitude and passion towards making animations changed and his entire career collapsed. This man is known as Walt Disney. Walt disney was a very favorable man who created the world famous disney. He was credited and many people admired his amazing work. But he was flourishing so much that his behavior towards his work completely changed. This caused his company to collapse and go bankrupt. Therefore, in my opinion, success isn’t everything. It comes and goes. What you have to keep in mind is the fact that your attitude and passion must never end. The key is always in your hand. You have to make the right decision.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda. A very familiar name isn’t it? Well, he stands as one of my idols because of the near death adventure he was able to do. He is an american stuntman who became the first person in more than a century to cross the Niagara Falls on a tightrope.He crossed the immensely high Niagara Falls in less than half an hour which is a great time limit. A man at a tender age of 33 was watched by over a billion people on TV and about 125,000 people standing at the gorge and watching this live. He took an unbelievable time to traverse the 1,800ft gap from Canada to the US on a 2 in-thick steel cable on friday night.
According to him, he just wanted to show everyone the true happiness experienced from it. The wind was crashing at a very high speed at that time of the day and that was something this wonderful man tackled. To aid his balance, he also used a 40ft pole, attached by a brace to his neck. This man showed the world how to reach out and reach beyond and that truly is a great thing for many people worldwide. To end his remarkable  journey he said ‘ this is what dreams are made of, and i hope i did inspire the people to reach out for the skies’. Nik Wallenda is truly an idol for many of us!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012



Bullies and mean girls and boys have been around forever, but technology has given them a whole new platform for their actions. The real world has changed and online technology has exceeded to a very high limit. Cyber bullying can be a very dangerous factor for many people online. Name-calling, swearing and hurting the person has been one of the reasons and actually a very common reason for people to suicide. Cyber bullying is found on many social networking sites such a Facebook, twitter, texting, chatting. The person bullying the child does not know how the child feels. This sometimes causes the person to go in depression and many other symptoms.  Demi Lovato, I’m sure many of you must have heard of that name. She is an amazing singer and actress. During her sad childhood, she experienced cyber bullying. Demi Lovato has always been outspoken when it comes to being a bullying victim. She also wrote a heart touching song called as “skyscraper”. It showed how her life as a child was. During her childhood, She was under a lot of depression because she was cyber bullied and to overcome this, she would cut herself in parts of her body. Now being so successful she tells people to never do what she did. Many people are cyber bullied everyday because of their looks or because of how hey act. They receive threats and that is a very bad thing. Cyber bullying is bad and i will spread the awareness. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Harry styles. Hearing this I always get a picture of a a charming boy with a dazzling smile. Harry styles stands an idol for me and will always stand as one. His good looks, talent and charm has endeared him to millions worldwide. I remember telling everyone how much I loved harry styles and how one day he would come and visit me. But everyone till date makes fun of me. I still have that hope deep inside my heart that me, being a big fan of this charming man will get a chance soon. He is a member of a british band called as 'One Direction'. He came up with this wonderful band name and many people know him around the world very well. His great voice and hair is the main reasons why girls (like me) are crazy over him! I love his unique personality and I always will no matter what other think. He has been an idol for me and he always will be.'A dream is only a dream, until you make it true', This is a truly marvelous and inspirational quote by him. I absolutely admire his music and looks but on the most I love his attitude towards everything. Dreams can only come true if u let them and harry styles did let them. He is truly an idol for many worldwide...

Monday, 10 September 2012

My English Class

This class has been a truly inspirational class for me. In this class I have done things I have never ever done in my life. I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts with everyone in this class and that is something I didn't expect to do in this school being new. I have learned many things out of which learning how to create a blog  has been a completely new and different thing for me. I have learned many more things like 'the round table' and the free writing. Other than that I have learned how to be free and comfortable in sharing my ideas. I have learnt the idea of sharing most vividly. I now also know about the   UWCSEA rules and the safety online and offline the computer. I'm looking forward to this class and hope this class truly becomes my favorite! A few weeks ago, I barely knew anything about the Macbook, I was completely new to this high-tech system. Now I know almost everything about the computer and what wonderful  and creative things you an do with this amazing machine. I enjoy sharing my ideas and  thoughts the most in this class. The idea of the 'round able' is wonderful and the way everyone is free inspires me a lot. I enjoy sharing my views and getting others. The idea of the 'round table' is a great idea and I really enjoy it .I don't particularly have anything I wish we could do differently. I love the way this class works and admire it! I'm very much looking forward to this class and am eager to know what's in store for me!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Last month on my trip to Darwin (Australia), It was a warm, lovely saturday morning and me and my family decided to visit the ‘Jim And Jam’ waterfall.It was an amazing and breathtaking waterfall in the kakadu national park.The moment i arrived at this waterfall, I was fascinated by its unique beauty and this photograph above depicts that waterfall vividly. The water was pure, refreshing and and brought a smile to my face.The sounds of water splashing everywhere, the pounding, the laughs of the children was a pleasing and beautiful sight to see. We all quickly changed into my swimming costumes and jumped in the cool,icy water. There were sudden shivers sent to my body. It was truly an amazing sight to see. The serenity in darwin and its national parks is something i still cannot explain. This national park was truly a blissful and extraordinary place with a wide range of wildlife and amazing sceneries.  My sister in fact created a splashing steady pattern of endless rhythms and the water falling felt like the heartbeat of the earth as it crashed on the rocks.
The rich and thick greenery I was surrounded in caused the sight of the waterfall to be just right. the sun shining brightly on the waterfall causing a beautiful reflection to occur...
The dense growth of the leaves and grass on the outskirts of the river made the sight even more appealing. Visitors from all around the world were present there and they spent their entire day either camping or admiring its beauty. We spent the entire day laughing, sharing thoughts and admiring its beauty. This was an unforgettable journey and i will never forget it. This waterfall is indeed a sight of nature that cannot be depicted it's a magical sight which takes you to a different world.....