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Bullies and mean girls and boys have been around forever, but technology has given them a whole new platform for their actions. The real world has changed and online technology has exceeded to a very high limit. Cyber bullying can be a very dangerous factor for many people online. Name-calling, swearing and hurting the person has been one of the reasons and actually a very common reason for people to suicide. Cyber bullying is found on many social networking sites such a Facebook, twitter, texting, chatting. The person bullying the child does not know how the child feels. This sometimes causes the person to go in depression and many other symptoms.  Demi Lovato, I’m sure many of you must have heard of that name. She is an amazing singer and actress. During her sad childhood, she experienced cyber bullying. Demi Lovato has always been outspoken when it comes to being a bullying victim. She also wrote a heart touching song called as “skyscraper”. It showed how her life as a child was. During her childhood, She was under a lot of depression because she was cyber bullied and to overcome this, she would cut herself in parts of her body. Now being so successful she tells people to never do what she did. Many people are cyber bullied everyday because of their looks or because of how hey act. They receive threats and that is a very bad thing. Cyber bullying is bad and i will spread the awareness. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED.


  1. Powerful post. This is definitely a new version of an old problem. I wonder how we can empower people to stand up for themselves and help those who bully realize that their actions are hurtful.

    So often, the ones who abuse others have suffered from abuse themselves. How to we stop this cycle> I am curious what you and others think.

    Is there a way that your parents and teachers can help people being bullied? Can students themselves do anything about it?


  2. Hey ananya great blog .its great that you did such a heated topic about cyber bullying .You have brought in great and famous personalities who also suffered from this depressing subject of cyber bullying.Again just like Mr.R said how could we stop this problem .we should try our best and work together and solve this problem to fullest abilities.Maybe we can actually ask the counseller and the principle if we could make an anti cyber bullying group.Cheers

  3. Yes Glen. I completely agree with you. Maybe we all can get together and make this group!
    Thanks Mr Raisdana. It indeed is a very powerful topic and many people are still doing this horrible act. We must get a stop to this!
    I dont think our parents should be involved in this but all of us as students should do something about this.

  4. Ananya -

    Thanks for writing this post. I think the difficulty is that we sometimes have trouble knowing where "the line" is and when we've crossed it. Know what I mean? I think it's important that we are up front and clear with people who have offended us. This is easier said than done right?
    I also think that we need people to start valuing online spaces and interactions as valid, real, and meaningful. If it was just "virtual" it wouldn't hurt so much would it?
    But, I know that the relationships I've forged and the things shared here are just as real and just as important as face-to-face.
    Maybe if everyone understood this they wouldn't be so quick to invade that space and desecrate it with hate speech.
    Great post.

  5. Thanks Mr Plaman. Yes, it indeed is a very important topic and yes many people forget when to daw the line. Its much easier to say harsh things to a person online rather than face-to-face. We all should probably do something about this issue and spread the harmful affects of it.

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  7. Ananya, I appreciate your choice of topic for a post and hope you continue to research and write about this as your generation needs strong voices such as yours. Your Teacher (whom I only know via Twitter)and I have learned so much from people in our network and one of them is Alec Couros. Alec presented on Digital Citizenship at a Girls school not long ago and I really liked his presentation: . Do you think your peers understand enough about how to use the internet for purposes that help humanity? Do you have ideas about adding to this understanding for kids your age around the world? Excellent post.

  8. Wow, this was a really powerful post, it has a lot of meaning and i really think it is effecting kids of this generation. I think that it has to be stopped somehow. I think you did a really good job of explaining and telling how you feel about this major issue in our lives. Well done:)

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