Wednesday, 19 September 2012

F1 Fever

F1 fever 
F1!!! yes! it’s coming. It’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait for it to start so that I can support my favorite F1 racer, Fernando Alonso. F1 fever is gripping racing fans, as Singapore is getting set to host F1 with the drivers and their fast cars. It is the fourth edition of the Singapore night race at the Marina Bay street circuit, complete with crowd favorites like simulators and models of the speed machines. F1 is going to be a huge thing coming this weekend. Aren’t you excited?! Im sure I am!  We all can experience a myriad of unique entertainment opportunities, from headline artistes like Katy Perry to roving street performers. Great drivers like Fernando Alonso are going to drive around in their fast cars. There will be thrill, excitement and fun this weekend. Many drivers are fighting against each other to get the F1 title. Singapore this year is also getting many tourists from all around the world who have come by the attraction of F1. Many hotels and businesses are benefiting from this. F1 is going to be a blast and This weekend is not to miss. Watch F1. Sitting at home watching F1 while drinking hot chocolate is my idea but for others who want to grab the tickets and watch it live, Hurry up! The tickets don’t last that long. F1! 

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  1. Love your enthusiasm. Keep writing. Your blog looks great.