Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Harry styles. Hearing this I always get a picture of a a charming boy with a dazzling smile. Harry styles stands an idol for me and will always stand as one. His good looks, talent and charm has endeared him to millions worldwide. I remember telling everyone how much I loved harry styles and how one day he would come and visit me. But everyone till date makes fun of me. I still have that hope deep inside my heart that me, being a big fan of this charming man will get a chance soon. He is a member of a british band called as 'One Direction'. He came up with this wonderful band name and many people know him around the world very well. His great voice and hair is the main reasons why girls (like me) are crazy over him! I love his unique personality and I always will no matter what other think. He has been an idol for me and he always will be.'A dream is only a dream, until you make it true', This is a truly marvelous and inspirational quote by him. I absolutely admire his music and looks but on the most I love his attitude towards everything. Dreams can only come true if u let them and harry styles did let them. He is truly an idol for many worldwide...

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