Monday, 10 September 2012

My English Class

This class has been a truly inspirational class for me. In this class I have done things I have never ever done in my life. I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts with everyone in this class and that is something I didn't expect to do in this school being new. I have learned many things out of which learning how to create a blog  has been a completely new and different thing for me. I have learned many more things like 'the round table' and the free writing. Other than that I have learned how to be free and comfortable in sharing my ideas. I have learnt the idea of sharing most vividly. I now also know about the   UWCSEA rules and the safety online and offline the computer. I'm looking forward to this class and hope this class truly becomes my favorite! A few weeks ago, I barely knew anything about the Macbook, I was completely new to this high-tech system. Now I know almost everything about the computer and what wonderful  and creative things you an do with this amazing machine. I enjoy sharing my ideas and  thoughts the most in this class. The idea of the 'round able' is wonderful and the way everyone is free inspires me a lot. I enjoy sharing my views and getting others. The idea of the 'round table' is a great idea and I really enjoy it .I don't particularly have anything I wish we could do differently. I love the way this class works and admire it! I'm very much looking forward to this class and am eager to know what's in store for me!


  1. So nice to "hear" your voice here online, now curious how we can hear it more in class.

  2. I can feel your pure excitement from just reading your text. I truly think this English is marvelous, as well.

  3. Thanks Josh. I know its marvelous! haha.