Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda. A very familiar name isn’t it? Well, he stands as one of my idols because of the near death adventure he was able to do. He is an american stuntman who became the first person in more than a century to cross the Niagara Falls on a tightrope.He crossed the immensely high Niagara Falls in less than half an hour which is a great time limit. A man at a tender age of 33 was watched by over a billion people on TV and about 125,000 people standing at the gorge and watching this live. He took an unbelievable time to traverse the 1,800ft gap from Canada to the US on a 2 in-thick steel cable on friday night.
According to him, he just wanted to show everyone the true happiness experienced from it. The wind was crashing at a very high speed at that time of the day and that was something this wonderful man tackled. To aid his balance, he also used a 40ft pole, attached by a brace to his neck. This man showed the world how to reach out and reach beyond and that truly is a great thing for many people worldwide. To end his remarkable  journey he said ‘ this is what dreams are made of, and i hope i did inspire the people to reach out for the skies’. Nik Wallenda is truly an idol for many of us!


  1. Cool story. Why do you respect him so much? What is it about this feat that you find inspirational?

    Have you see Man on Wire?

    Check it out. I have not watched it, but I have heard great things. Also, try to add a few hyperlinks in every post. YOu are doing an amazing job as a blogger. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Mr Raisdana. I myself love to blog and will try to post something new everyday! Thanks so much :)
    No, actually i havent seen this movie...but its look very inspiring and adventurous! I will surely watch it and post more about it!
    Thanks Again.