Friday, 14 September 2012

Success changes people- What do you think?

Success changes people - what do you think?
Success is accomplishment of a job and achievement of an honor. The reward brings positive ways to encourage the successful man. Success changes the people around. Sometimes, egotism and selfish admiration and allied attitude of that man may spoil the growth process. A few people around us were once the only ones always left out but now because of their success,they are never left out and are always included. Their behavior slowly starts to change and they think of themselves at a very high standard. You may be successful and profitable but that shouldn’t change your attitude towards everything. It shouldn’t be the reason for your change. One example of a man who was very successful but one of his mistakes changed his life completely. His attitude and passion towards making animations changed and his entire career collapsed. This man is known as Walt Disney. Walt disney was a very favorable man who created the world famous disney. He was credited and many people admired his amazing work. But he was flourishing so much that his behavior towards his work completely changed. This caused his company to collapse and go bankrupt. Therefore, in my opinion, success isn’t everything. It comes and goes. What you have to keep in mind is the fact that your attitude and passion must never end. The key is always in your hand. You have to make the right decision.


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