Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The London Olympics


For me, there are a number of reasons why the London Games have been so successful this year. London has been hosting the Olympics for the past few years and has always had good views. This year’s Olympic’s were very famous and the word was spread out mainly because of the sporting events lining up. There were various sports and many religions had shared participation. There was unity and there there were no fights or quarrels between any countries. I still remember the time during the summer holidays when I was sitting at home, bored and had nothing to do. olympics was an event which kept me busy. I enjoyed going through the different channels and watching the various sports. Supporting my favorite athletes and countries made me feel so proud and happy. The participation events had been a big hit with the crowds, and they were great because they got many people interested in the new sports and activities. Come on! sometimes you have got to admit it, Sitting at home all alone in summer with nothing interesting coming on TV, what did you do? I’m pretty sure you switched on the TV to watch the olympics. 

The London Olympics were a great thing to come and people were dying to see their countries play this time. Although the athletes might not be professional ,There was a lot of improvement from all the athletes. There was more competition and many people liked watching them. Entertainment was what they needed and entertainment was what the olympics provided them. My reason for watching the Olympics was mainly because I wanted to see how India was doing in the olympics, diving, weight lifting, volleyball and athletics. Usain Bolt was the man i wanted to see run. A few people this year came to see the olympics mainly to watch Usain run. The people wanted to see and know whether Usain kept his title of the fastest man alive or someone else beat him. There were many viewers because this event only occurs once in 4 years and many people are hardcore fans. Another reason for watching the Olympics was to watch my one and only favorite swimmer Michael Phelps. Although he didn't do well this time. His effort and commitment cannot be argued on.

Most of you might not agree with me saying that it will come again and there is nothing so special about it. But, i advise you to think again and admit that you yourself see it every 4 years. You might say it is only there for people to make money and raise prices but is that actually true? The people responsible for this might be doing this for many people to be aware of what sports there are. I think it is important to know facts before making conclusions. It caused a big impact and that’s mainly the point.


  1. I didn't get the ending.
    " It caused a big impact and that’s mainly how you " and then what??

  2. Nice post! But i don't completely agree with you on your point about the olympics not being special. Four years is quite a long time and nearly everybody knows about sports. So many people like sports and that's a big part of the olympics. If very little people in the world liked sports, there would be no point to it. That's also why the olympics involve so many events. So that the Olympics can get a bigger audience. I agree that one of the main reasons people watch this is for entertainment, and we get a lot of it indeed.

  3. What is so appealing about sports? I am serious. This can be for anyone reading this comment, why do people like sports?

  4. Adit-uhh yeah sorry...mistake
    Vaidehi- I never said it wasn't special. It indeed is special and I very much follow it! thanks :)
    Mr Raisdana- Sports is a passion and many people love playing sports. Sports include a lot of physical work with your body and many people admoire watching it. Your question is a bit difficult to answer but people like sports if they derive a feeling from it. A kind of connection and attraction which makes them enjoy what they are doing. Sports are like magnets. You are just attracted to them.

  5. HEY ANANYA YOU SHOULD be speaking about basketball also as you are great basketball fan.I mean USA won the gold medal.Just joking.What I mean to say is that you could explain how was the olympics for the famous countries like us,britain(host needs to have the most info),india(you said).Maybe you could express these types of points in ur post relating to another sport.

  6. I know Glen. I would do that if it i could write more. In my article, i wrote it overall. But, yes i will take your advice. thanks :)