Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Admiring the sunset- Another point of view

I lay on my back, the warm coarse sand touching my soft skin, making me feel as if I am lying down on a warm bed of salt. I gently lift up the fresh,brown, fallen twig and mimic how I would paint clouds on the cloudless baby blue sky above me. Sam and I were back from a long tiring day. The beach was all we could think of for relaxation and peace of our minds. Sam’s arm was stretched out with my tired head dumped on it. As I lay under the warm sun,with my stick in my heavy hand, something caught the corner of my eye. Something that I had not seen in a long time and it always fills my lovely heart with hope and love. The red, big ball of great light was slowly setting. My eyes caught on to the spectacular view/sight of a sunset. But before I could make my move, I was startled by a violent swing on my face. I fell towards the ground, I blinked my eyes, slowly got up and rubbed of the warm sand off my tanned body.

My eyes were filled with anger, and rage. I looked closely at that mannerless person. I realised she was a girl. Who was that girl?! Didn’t she have any manners? How could she just barge into me? I was totally furious by her atrocious behaviour. I stared at her with absolute disgrace. I slowly walked back to where Sam was lying down. My excited, peaceful mood had suddenly turned into an angry, furious mood. Sam turned around and saw my anger filled face. He asked me what was wrong and i couldn’t help but tell him. I complained about that girl and all he gave was a loud mirth. This loud laugh made me very upset. I got up and walked off.

I was very close to where that girl was standing... admiring the beauty. I realised she was much younger than me and probably didn’t see me, maybe the beauty of the sun didn’t make her realise where she was walking. I guess I probably overreacted to the situation. I started observing her unique concentration and focus towards the sight. I was totally overwhelmed by her present act. I looked at the sun. It was....wow....

The only thought in my mind was of the exquisite and glorious sight in front of my eyes.. Many people and their tired bodies were there after a long day from work. It was a romantic sight and I was overwhelmed by its beauty. It was a ravishing and stunning act of nature which occurred when the day turned into night. Sunsets have always been a wonderful and fascinating sight for me to view but this sunset was more than just usual. It was just unique and different,the sky started filling with vibrant and rich colours. Slowly everyone started leaving, You could hear the birds and fish. You could smell the scent of the water and the caress of the breeze. It was pure heaven. Now I realised why that girl couldn’t see anything but the unique sight in front of her.

My hair was flying into the cold,wet air and my eyes were stuck to the orange,fiery sun. I could hear was the sounds of the water crashing to my legs as i went deeper and deeper.The sunset had a feeling, It had a mystical feeling which made your heart dwell. The sun, like a large, orange fireball in the distance was cloaked by hanging clouds which were splashed with random colours of hot pinks, and even hints of purple and blues.The purple sky with the orange fireball circling in the middle created an admirable sight which can still never be forgotten by me.

Sunsets have always been an amazing sight for me and are one of my favourite scenes to admire and watch. As the night dawned, the beautiful sky turned into a soft crimson, the colors overtook the sky filling in each corner of the pale field. The magnificent beams of the sun shimmered on the water below. Wow. Sam slowly came and put his arm around me. I leaned onto his hard,muscular,tanned body. I hugged him tight on his waist. Ours eyes met and we slowly came closer to each other. Our lips met. I couldn’t believe it was my first kiss. My first kiss was during a sunset all thanks to that girl. She was an angel.

I now pay regular visits to this sunset hoping to find that girl and to thank her. But always when I’m there...Peace. Serenity. Contentment. A mixture of all of these creates the unmatched feeling that overwhelms me when I’m at the beach, watching the sun setting down.

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