Thursday, 25 October 2012


Murder, death, investigation, suspicion, accusation, mystery. Are those the word you search for in a TV show?? Castle in that case is something you should surely look for and see. Castle is a TV series and has had 4 successful series till now. It has a season 5 which just started recently. Richard Castle, a famous mystery writer and novelist is brought into NYPD. In NYPD, he meets kate beckett. Castle comes to the NYPD in order to know more mystery and murderous stories and write his books on those. Kate initially does not like castle in her team but through the seasons she slowly starts to like him and this friendship eventually turns into love. Castle is a funny, adventurous and fun guy who writes books and also solves cases. Kate is a self centered, annoying yet fun and cool to hand out with. Castle has always been one of my favorite things to watch on TV and I'm always sure to tune into it whenever possible. Castle is a must watch Tv serial. Must watch I repeat.

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