Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Darwin- Waterfall Serenity

Last month on my trip to Darwin (Australia), It was a warm, lovely saturday morning and me and my family decided to visit the ‘Jim And Jam’ waterfall.It was an amazing and breathtaking waterfall in the kakadu national park.The moment i arrived at this waterfall, I was fascinated by its unique beauty and this photograph above depicts that waterfall vividly. The water was pure, refreshing and and brought a smile to my face.The sounds of water splashing everywhere, the pounding, the laughs of the children was a pleasing and beautiful sight to see. We all quickly changed into my swimming costumes and jumped in the cool,icy water. There were sudden shivers sent to my body. It was truly an amazing sight to see. The serenity in darwin and its national parks is something i still cannot explain. This national park was truly a blissful and extraordinary place with a wide range of wildlife and amazing sceneries.  My sister in fact created a splashing steady pattern of endless rhythms and the water falling felt like the heartbeat of the earth as it crashed on the rocks.
The rich and thick greenery I was surrounded in caused the sight of the waterfall to be just right. the sun shining brightly on the waterfall causing a beautiful reflection to occur...
The dense growth of the leaves and grass on the outskirts of the river made the sight even more appealing. Visitors from all around the world were present there and they spent their entire day either camping or admiring its beauty. We spent the entire day laughing, sharing thoughts and admiring its beauty. This was an unforgettable journey and i will never forget it. This waterfall is indeed a sight of nature that cannot be depicted it words...it's a magical sight which takes you to a different world.....


  1. I agree with you, it must have been a truly majestic site.

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