Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Journey till now - Perks of Being a Wallflower

My Journey till now

Reading has always been one of the activities I like to do when I’m bored and tired and need something to cheer me up. The perks of being a wallflower is the current book I’m reading as I said in my earlier post. Charlie (the main character) seems like a nice and straightforward boy but also seems to have some problems. Unlike everyone in high school, he talks about weird things at time that makes you wonder about his personality. I have read a lot during these past few weeks because I really like the letters Charlie writes, They are straight forward and easy to understand unlike other letters. He has also made some good friends. They include Sam, a very pretty girl who has a great personality and enjoys/lives life the way she wants to. Also, Charlie has a big crush on her and as i said before; him being straightforward, told Sam his feelings but because he was younger than Sam and all she joked saying ,” you know you’re younger than me right?’. Charlie still has a big crush on her and can’t resist to her unique beauty. He has also met Sam’s brother Patrick and all three of them have become really good friends. Patrick has a funny personality and gets teased very often because of one mistake he made when he was young. He isn’t usually called Patrick but called by the name of ‘nothing’. I’m not going to tell you why...Because you have the read the book for that! 
Also, now Charlie is getting invited to parties and people are knowing who he is. He has an existence. Charlie is very happy with his life. Teachers are complementing him, People are accepting him in their groups and he is leading a great life. I mean What else could a High Schooler want?

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