Tuesday, 9 October 2012

‘Sam’ From iCarly

HAHAHAHA! THAT WAS SOO FUNNY :D You got pretty freaked out didn't you? ;)
Rough, funny, talented and food are the only words that come to my mind when I think of Sam. Well I wouldn’t say that Sam is normal neither would I say she isn’t. She does not fear of anything and can do anything when it comes to her advantage. She is a dare devil. She is very tough (not like most girls) and is very funny. Her character sometimes states weird statements. She has enough power to beat any boy up and is prone to aggression. She loves food and can surely not live without it She has a particular love for heat. Other than all these things, Sam is a very nice and good girl at heart. Sam’s weirdness is proven in one of the episodes when she says that she has a twin sister and her mom gave birth to both of them in a gas station and then drove off from there. Sam also with her best friend Carly has a web show in which they; through funny and weird ways create entertainment for the people. Sam...well relates to me because she is aggressive and can’t stand anything when it comes to insulting her or her friends, I tend to also do that occasionally because I can stand the fact. She loves meat! Even i do! Also, sometimes the comments she makes is weird but makes everyone laugh! I tend to do that because i like to enjoy my life and well make everyone happy. She sometimes refers to herself as ‘momma’ and i too...well sometimes ;) Sam’s character is unique and i tend to relate myself to her very much while she I’m watching iCarly. Her real name is Jennette McCurdy and I will very soon like to meet her.

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