Thursday, 18 October 2012

Why hate Justin Bieber?

Woah. I just saw Michelle’s video...I must say it was something..umm...different! Looking at all those brilliant ideas and videos, I very much enjoy reading them. Holidays have always been fun for me but this time all I’m doing is getting bored and lazy. So, after a long time of ‘being lazy and doing nothing’ I decided to write a short post on Justin Bieber. It’s actually a very random topic to be frank. Some if you must be pleased that I’m writing about him and some of you must have that grudge and hatred to my post. But frankly speaking, Why do we hate Justin bieber? Because of his girly voice? Oh come on, he has passed that voice already. Is it because of his choice of music, genre, pitching in his voice? To be frank, its just the awareness that has made his image bad in front of us. Sometimes I love hearing his music and sometimes because my friends don’t like it or he’s just being ‘weird’ changes my opinion. Justin Bieber does not have the best voice in the world but we don’t have to crib about that. If he pukes on stage, the news goes viral! I mean come on, Who does not puke? Is there something wrong with that? He is just an ordinary teenager with a dream to become famous and i think he succeeded in that. People also don't like his hair, but why do people look at it? It obviously has something to admire about and thereofore people like it. It's different and unique and people should first look at their hair,compare and then draw conclusions.Sometimes people don’t like the fact he’s famous for ‘nothing’. Well, he isn’t famous for nothing. He worked hard and therefore his voice proved the world that he was capable to move on to the next level. People also use the word ‘gay’ to describe him but seriously!? Are you kidding me?! How do you know? Did u live with him? Is it because of his voice? According to me, Justin Bieber does not have the best voice in the world but definitely does not have the worst. He is an ordinary boy with a dream and I think we should let him move on with his dream. Why do we hate him? Anyone has any answers to that? 

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