Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Love and Sacrifice

Love happens but always ends with a sacrifice  Today, our class read a short story and my attention was quickly diverted into the book and I was dwelled into the story. The idea of love and sacrifice really fascinated me because I knew that every love story ended with a sacrifice. The idea of a typical love story. Mr Raisdana and our class had this interesting talk about how every love story ends with a sacrifice. How every story follows a pattern, A pattern of love at first and slowly problems ending up in a sacrifice. I'm sure most of you reading my blogs must be thinking about the rather strange topic i chose but instead of teasing me or making that face, try to think deep and try to look and relate and differ from all the books you have read and all the movies you have seen. Every love story follows a pattern. First there is love, then the love spreads, then comes the problems which break apart the relationship. More problems come, there is drama and one person being the boy or the girl has to sacrifice. Scarifying is something in every relationship. True love is very hard to be found....

Monday, 26 November 2012

Chiang Mai....

Here are a few pictures of my extraordinary trip to Chiang Mai...You'll see the others in my project! :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chiang Mai

OH MY GOSH! 1 more day and I'm off to Chiang Mai! Ahhh....the fun time I had in tioman with my school was an unforgettable trip. Now, after 2 solid years, I'm ready to go for another one! Chiang Mai caught my attention when I first heard about it mainly because I hadn't been to trip for a long time now and the stay of 2 whole weeks. 2 weeks is a very long time for me as I've never been on a trip so long. Chiang Mai, Here I come!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Things I Want to do before I die

I know you all might find this a rather strange topic. But I always wanted to have such a list. This is all random and the things you might find below might make you have horrible thoughts. But I soooo want to do these :)

Things I want to do before I die :-
1. Take a Ride In a Hot Air Balloon screaming 'OH MY GOSH, IM FLYING AWAY'.
2. Meet Harry styles :)
3. Make Vanilla pudding and fill it in a mayo jar. Walk in public and eat it 
4. learn some martial art
5. Become a fake teacher, stress my students over an extremely important, hard test. Only to give them the test a week later, with instructions printed on the top to NOT answer any of the questions on the test for 100%. Watch the rage begin.
6. .Spill popcorn over the person's head infront of you in the Cinema.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ellen scred new Staff! :D

This might be an old video from Ellen but it's so funny! Haha xD
In this video, Ellen welcomed her new staff member, Allison, by giving her some hilarious holiday-themed scares!
Just watch this video :)

Mitt Romney Or President Obama??

Whoever wins Tuesday's presidential election, be it Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, their allies and foes have a number of demands and wishes awaiting the victor.
Who do you think deserves the right to win the elections and take place as the next US President?  
Mitt Romney or our previous President, Barack Obama? This is actually a very heated topic and many people are talking about it. Some fear that their elected representative will fail and some fear the devastation of their country.

Most people according to Statistics want Barack Obama to win and he indeed has a very high percentage but both campaigns fought hard for months for the right. I personally want Barack Obama to be and continue as the President because he was a great one for the past five years. Unlike other presidents, he has the serious side but also the fun and enjoyable side. I'm not saying Mitt Romney will not be a good president but I really liked the attitude and commitment of Obama and I will always be on his side. 
Now it's up to you, Who do you wish to be the President? Mitt Romney or Obama? The battle is on...