Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Love and Sacrifice

Love happens but always ends with a sacrifice  Today, our class read a short story and my attention was quickly diverted into the book and I was dwelled into the story. The idea of love and sacrifice really fascinated me because I knew that every love story ended with a sacrifice. The idea of a typical love story. Mr Raisdana and our class had this interesting talk about how every love story ends with a sacrifice. How every story follows a pattern, A pattern of love at first and slowly problems ending up in a sacrifice. I'm sure most of you reading my blogs must be thinking about the rather strange topic i chose but instead of teasing me or making that face, try to think deep and try to look and relate and differ from all the books you have read and all the movies you have seen. Every love story follows a pattern. First there is love, then the love spreads, then comes the problems which break apart the relationship. More problems come, there is drama and one person being the boy or the girl has to sacrifice. Scarifying is something in every relationship. True love is very hard to be found....

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