Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mitt Romney Or President Obama??

Whoever wins Tuesday's presidential election, be it Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, their allies and foes have a number of demands and wishes awaiting the victor.
Who do you think deserves the right to win the elections and take place as the next US President?  
Mitt Romney or our previous President, Barack Obama? This is actually a very heated topic and many people are talking about it. Some fear that their elected representative will fail and some fear the devastation of their country.

Most people according to Statistics want Barack Obama to win and he indeed has a very high percentage but both campaigns fought hard for months for the right. I personally want Barack Obama to be and continue as the President because he was a great one for the past five years. Unlike other presidents, he has the serious side but also the fun and enjoyable side. I'm not saying Mitt Romney will not be a good president but I really liked the attitude and commitment of Obama and I will always be on his side. 
Now it's up to you, Who do you wish to be the President? Mitt Romney or Obama? The battle is on...


  1. Nice post, but I think you are being a little biased by saying that he has done great things the last couple years. Remember that he had to borrow 17 trillion to save his country. Remember that you have to respect Mitt Romney by naming him Governor Romney.

  2. I really find this topic attractive~ Personally, I want Mitt Romney to win because I am curious to see how the country will change if the president changes. Anthony also did a good job on digging out the fact that your paragraph was biased. Interesting~!

  3. Anthony- The main point here is that i completely support Obama and this post is mainly for him to win. Therefore, I have only writen about him. I haven't said Mitt Romney hasn't done anything either. Yes, I agree with you about writing his name as Governer Romney. Thanks!
    Joshua- You have a very valid point. Let's see who wins :)