Saturday, 1 December 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon

I woke up at 7:30 am on a sunday morning not just like that but because of my marathon. My sleepy head, closing eyes, tired legs didn't want me to go to run but I decided to carry on. I left home and reached the starting point. My race was a kids dash as i was not eligible to run 10 km. It was a 1 Km race and I wasn't set. Mainly because i didn't want to run and secondly because I thought I was too slow. The minute I reached I got to know my race was in 5 min! I rushed to the starting point and to my astonishment I saw Robbie Fowler. You guys must have heard abut him. I took a picture with him and also got his autograph! Suddenly my face became from sad and tired to excited and happy. The rae strted and I ran my fullest. I was fortunately the first 20 people aout of 300 kids :) NOT SHOWING OFF! It was a great day...Although I'm tired, It was the determination and commitment which pushed me. I ran to my fullest and got a medal :) Can't wait for next year! GOO STANDERED CHARTERED :)

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