Monday, 7 January 2013


Dune Bashing, Go-karting, Burj Kalifa, Sand , dessert, food are very few words to describe my unforgettable trip to Dubai, where I was born. Dubai was an unforgettable adventure, an adventure that could take you to unimaginable places and meet thousands of new and different people. I went there after a long time and enjoyed the way Dubai was. Although, it was culture sensitive, I dwelled in perfectly and enjoyed my time there. Although my duration of stay there wasn't very long, I used my time to my fullest. It was an unimaginable trip, My journey in the sand and dessert was exciting and dangerous. Going up and down the windy sands caused more and more excitement and I can never forget that. Although, my new years wasn't the best, I enjoyed it with some good company from one of my close friends, Aditya. Burj Kalifa gave me the shivers when I was at the top. I was standing on the tallest building! My heart was beating but I gathered all my courage and stood looking at the beautiful sight of Dubai infront of my eyes. Renting a limo wasn't anything different for me because I have been in one many times. I enjoyed going in a limo this time as well as it was different.Dubai was an incredible trip and I've booked my tickets for summer holidays :)

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  1. - Its really nice that you wrote about your Dubai Trip. I've heard a lot of good things about Dubai and now after reading your post...I really wanna go there :) haha :)