Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to write about India

After reading 'how to write about Africa' in english today, I decided to write one about my country, India. Here it goes...

When you write about indians, Always remember to show the caste,illiteracy,and many inequalities. Try and use statistics like how 80% of the population lives on farms or how 50% of the population is illiterate. Other than percentages, use population figures. 4,32, 1235 houses do not have more than 12 volts of electricity for 3 days of the week would make a great sentence. Try to describe India as a poor, religious and bright country. Use a range of indian words/names to make your sentence eye catching like Vikram shouted,"Beta! You left your scale". Show how the slow progress in india is going.

Remember not to whine too much, Try to keep to the topic and show you're an indian. Do not repeat the point in different ways for the reader to understand. Use key words like myth,Poor,beggar etc. Show the amount of beggars to get sympathy from the reader. Compare the life of an educated professional with a gardener and say that the gardener earns about 1/10th of what the professional earns.

Somewhere just before the end, mention that India's progress has not benefited anybody. Do not talk about people who have gotten out of poverty thanks to this progress. Also, NEVER compare india to other countries like China because that can cause a big impact. Remember that indians are very strong emotionally and can handle any kind of difficult circumstances. They can erupt or keep quiet. 

Use all this information and keep your article good and short. Good luck!

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