Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Is Blogging Useful?

'Blogging is a useful part of the English classroom". Yes, I think blogging is a an essential part of the english classroom for many of the following reasons. First of all, It helps our writing improve if we are consistent with it. Many people don't seem to be consistent but if you are, blogging really helps. Blogging helps you show the world the real 'you'. You might be a person who does not talk much in class but in a blog you can express anything that comes to your mind. A blog is your space, Its a space for your thoughts. A blog helps you begin a new social group. You start learning how to be social and start making new friends online. It becomes a new way of communication. 

Blogging is one of the modern and recent ways you can use to write about something. Its a 'diary' of your thoughts. You can chose to make it private or you can chose to make it public. Its a new and amazing creation and must e used well. In english, You can make it useful, you can use it to help your understanding and you can use it to socialize in a safe way. Its helps you open up and people can know more about you and your thoughts. Sometimes, Blogs can become big and can create an impact. It can change people's opinions about certain things. A blogger is a person who has imagination  thoughts and creativity and with those qualities, anyone can be a blogger and blogging can become one of their hobbies.

By blogging, you can improve your copy-writing habit and try using your own words. Its good as you are not assigned a fixed topic bit are open to anything we wish to write about. It's a free space and its your space. No one can force you and no one can invade it. 

Last thing is that it helps you earn money. Its a way where your hobby can become a profession and you can become big. Blogging for me, is one of the only ways for the people to know who I am and what I like. Blogging surely helps you learn better and communicate more with people in your english classroom or outside. A blogger is a true hero/

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