Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mysterious Murders in Singapore?

There have been a number of mysterious deaths in singapore over the past few months. Whenever I decide to read the newspaper, The only thing that astonishes and catches my attention is the murders in Singapore. Me, living in Singapore for more than 13 years have never encountered such news as I have always thought of the police here to be the best. I know...I know...My opinion is very stereotypical but it's true! 

There has been a number of mysterious murders and deaths of people near the Bedok reservoir. Many bodies have been recovered there and the killer is still on the loose. The death of American, Shane Todd is one of the deaths that have recently caught my attention. Was it a suicide or was it a murder? This is a question circling around my head. He was found hanging dead in his apartment in June last year. It is not clear if he was killed or he committed suicide. Last year??!! Singapore police never takes so much time. Because of the delay of this case, The FBI was requested to assist this death. 

There are many cases in Singapore that haven't got their answers. What is going on? I would love to hear your views!


  1. Creepy. I live right across from the Bedok Reservoir. Keep me posted on what you find.

  2. Interesting, the FBI involved in this. This whole thing is serious and could get pretty dirty. Nice post!